About us

Geu Chone Metal co., Ltd is the largest metal supplier in Asia with distribution centers in Taipei, Jiangsu and Dongguan. Since 1987, when Kevin Wang, the Chief Executive Operator, established Geu Chone Metal co., Ltd in Taipei, Taiwan, we have been growing rapidly. Till this day, we achieved our milestone of serving more than 5,500 customers. We provide a wide variety of products such as the free cutting steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel…etc. We are well known for our area of expertise in utilizing the CNC Cutting Machine and others ultra-precision machining tools to meet all customers’ demands.

Our Value

Customers choose us because of our advanced technology on equipment, quality controls over all products and most importantly, our outstanding customer services that satisfied each customer’s need. At Geu Chone Metal co., Ltd, all work are conducted by professional experts and closely monitored by the computerized system to minimize human errors. In addition, Geu Chone Metal co., Ltd is constantly improving to make the world greener, sustainable operation is our goal. We strive for the balance of exceptional performance and welfare of related stakeholders.

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